About Ramy Adeeb

I started my career as the first application engineer at Tellme networks, one of the hottest startups during the first tech bubble. Tellme leveraged voice recognition to bring the internet to the phone. I joined the company when it was a tiny startup in a Palo Alto garage and worked there until it was acquired by Microsoft for $800M seven years later.

My experience at Tellme taught me the importance of building something people have a desperate need for. We pivoted from consumer (they loved Tellme but didn’t want to pay) to enterprises and grew revenue to $120M in seven years. It also taught me the importance of working with a highly talented group of people: Startups come and go but the network you build early in your career lasts a lifetime. And last, it taught me the dangers of hype—Tellme was the splashiest startup at the time. Inevitably the hype subsides—at which point a business must find a business!

I also started Snipit in 2011 which pioneered the concept of content curation online. Snipit taught me that product market fit is not enough; you also need to find a way to make money, and that’s particularly tough in media. Snipit was Acquired by Yahoo in 2013 where I served as a product executive.

I started my investing career at Khosla Ventures working with the amazing investors Vinod Khosla and Pierre Lamond on dozens of investments including Groupme (acquired by Skype), Square (NASDAQ:SQ), and Storify (acquired by LiveFyre).

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Software engineer turned entrepreneur turned investor. Founder @1984 Ventures. Formerly at Tellme Networks and Khosla Ventures and founder @ Snipit (acquired by Yahoo) Avoids groupthink!